Drawing Hearts in the Sand by Tabetha Waite (ePUB)

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Drawing Hearts in the Sand (Seaside Society of Spinsters #3) by Tabetha Waite – Free eBooks Download


In the salons of Seaside Society, whispers of scandal follow Miss Vanessa Carter like a shadow. Will the arrival of Viscount Fane bring salvation or further turmoil?

Second chance
Struggeling artist
Dark secrets
Enchanting viscount
Seaside retreat

Step into the enchanting world of Miss Vanessa Carter, where secrets swirl like the ocean waves at Seaside Society. Seeking a fresh start, Vanessa hides a mysterious past, haunted by the fear of her sins catching up with her. Little did she know that offering guidance to a struggling artist would unravel the carefully woven threads of her hidden identity. As the captivating Lord Fane enters the scene, Vanessa battles the temptation of more than just friendship.
Easton Alden, the artistic Viscount Fane, never planned to extend his stay in Burnham-On-Sea. However, the moment he encounters Vanessa, his world transforms. She becomes the muse he never knew he needed, but complications arise as her secrets unfold. Determined to win her heart, Fane faces dire straits, vowing to clear his name and protect Vanessa’s reputation.

Join them on a thrilling journey through the Seaside Society, where love blossoms amid deception. Uncover the truth, explore newfound passions, and witness a tale of self-discovery that culminates in the sweet embrace of true devotion. Will Vanessa and Fane defy the odds stacked against them, or will the waves of destiny wash away their chance at happiness? Dive into a world where love is the ultimate masterpiece, waiting to be unveiled.

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