Dragon’s Origins by Miranda Martin (ePUB)

dragon's origins, miranda martin

Dragon’s Origins (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss #0.5) by Miranda Martin – Free eBooks Download


Earth is dying. Overpopulated. Over abused. Humanity’s hope rides on generational ships that will carry us to the stars.

Those ships needed an engine and my job was simple— test their limits. No one was prepared for that technology to do the unexpected. I’m warped across the universe and dropped into the middle of a space battle. In the firefight, my ship is damaged and I’m “rescued” by aliens. Honest to goodness, real, live aliens. Enter Commander Axary. Seven feet of rock hard, chiseled muscles with scales, wings, and a tail that any adventurous woman would love to glide her hands over. There’s a spark at first sight. An impossible connection. But he’s the leader of a rebellion to free his people. His duty is to them, and mine is to Earth. I have to get back with my ship or the human race is doomed. Duty demands one thing but my heart wants something completely different. It wants the sexy alien Commander. How do I decide?

My people, the Zmaj, are slaves in a gilded cage. My calling is clear. I will lead their rebellion and fight the evil Imperials until we control our own destiny. But destiny, the fickle female, taunts me when Maddy is thrown in my path. From the moment I set eyes on her tiny, smooth human form, my inner dragon lays its claim. Mine. She is the one. The other half of my soul. The piece that will complete me. My love. My intended. My treasure. Our attraction is doomed to end in heartache. Her people need her to save them. Mine need me. How can fate be so cruel?
Can I fight this predetermined future? Otherwise, I’ll be forced to let Maddy go when she is all that I have ever wanted in the universe.

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