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dragon loved, riley storm

Dragon Loved (Dragons of Mount Rixa #2) by Riley Storm – Free eBooks Download


She was stuck in the past, until he showed her a brighter future…

Jordyn Hall loves her job working for the town of Five Peaks. As the records custodian, she spends her days in the basement of city hall surrounded by dusty old books filled with fascinating new information. What’s not to love about it? It’s private, and lets her escape from a pain that refuses to fade even years later. That is, until he shows up. He’s handsome, charming and, most importantly, in need of her help. Jordyn is the only one who can find him the information he’s looking for before it’s too late. As it turns out though, that isn’t the only thing he needs…

After failing yet another attempt to join his clan’s Strike Team, dragon shifter Tars Rixa is given a task by his clan head. Go look into the dragons’ past for any information on what their ancient enemy the Warped Fae might be up to. Convinced it’s a punishment, he doesn’t hold much hope that anything will come of it. What he never expected, was that his ‘punishment’ would lead him to finding his mate. Now they just need to unravel the old secrets before it’s too late.

The trial for the Warped Fae is coming up in less than a week, and the Rixa clan leader is convinced that whatever is going to happen will occur before then. With the clock ticking, Tars and Jordyn bury their heads in books, desperate for anything. Their search for clues might be fruitless, but spending so much time together has led to another realization. They were meant for one another. Fate has brought them together. Unbeknownst to them however, the Warped Fae has other intentions, and he can’t let the pair discover his plans. Even if that means striking at them in broad daylight…

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