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dragon heat, charlene hartnady

Dragon Heat (Air Dragons #1) by Charlene Hartnady – Free eBooks Download


A dragon shifter series set in the same world as the bestselling Bride Hunt books

Azure has resigned herself – just like many of the infertile dragon females – to being single forever. She’s okay with that. She does not need a male. There are many things that fulfill her. Things that she is passionate about; like her job as a hunter. What could be more important than feeding the tribe? Nothing! If she wants to rut, she can have her pick of the males – just as long as she doesn’t expect any of them to stay. They all want to settle with human females. Humans who can give them offspring…and give the tribe a future. It makes perfect sense to her. She’s okay with it.
Her feelings change when she comes into heat for the first time. Why now? Why her? Instantly, every unmated male in her tribe comes sniffing. They all want her. They want to mate her and to get her with child. All. Of. Them. Anger infuses every last cell of her body. An anger she never knew she felt. Snubbed for years and now they want her. Now they see her. They can all go straight to hell!
Her king has other plans. The tribe needs offspring. They need female young, which is something the humans cannot provide. He instructs her to choose a male…any male, and to do so right away. She doesn’t have long. Thunder wants her impregnated before the end of her heat cycle.

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