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draft pick, alexx andria

Draft Pick (Wolverine Players) by Alexx Andria – Free eBooks Download


Let’s cut to the chase—I’m a prick. Top collegiate quarterback, the so-called Golden Boy on campus, and a sure bet for the NFL. Sounds great, right? But fame comes with its own playbook, and I’ve been playing by the rules… until Starlie.
She’s the kind of woman who changes the game. We were fire together, but I fumbled. I ghosted her, no excuses, no goodbyes. Typical move for a guy like me, and yet, I can’t shake her off. She’s more than just another scorching one night stand, and I realized it way too late.
But here’s the twist: Starlie’s pregnant. My baby. And that’s a wake-up call even I can’t ignore.
This time, I’m playing for keeps. I’ve got one shot to show Starlie I’m more than my mistakes, more than the headlines. But in the ultimate game of love, can I score a replay for a second chance with the only woman who ever made me want to be a better man?

Or did I blow my chance at a real future worth playing for?

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