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Draco (The King Series) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff – Free eBooks Download


From New bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes Draco, a standalone dark romantic fantasy about a man fated to end the world and a woman fated to stop him.

Approaching my thirtieth birthday, life seemed a dream: the perfect job, a girlfriend I adored, and endless possibilities ahead.
Then I woke up. Trapped in a grimy cellar, my body frail, and my love vanished.
Determined to break free, I succeed. But then the grim truth emerges: my entire reality is a fabrication, and I’ve been branded as the catalyst for the apocalypse. Why me?
I refuse to accept my fate, but how do I stop it when every move I make only brings me closer to becoming death’s henchman?

When a mysterious man showed up at my door, looking to rent a room, I knew I should turn him away. He wasn’t only good looking, which my live-in boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate, but there was something off about him. Still, I couldn’t say no.
Then things take a dark turn when he claims he’s seen me in his dreams and wants me to explain why. He seems crazy. Or is he?
Because strange stuff starts happening, including the unshakable feeling that I know this man from somewhere. I think…I think I’m meant to help him.
But why does every instinct scream to run? And why can’t I resist getting closer?

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