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Down in Flames (Down Home #4) by Parker St. John – Free eBooks Download


He’s been in love with a rugged, hunky cowboy for years.
The problem?
Michael is fifteen years older…and straight.

West Owens grew up suffocated by his overprotective family. To prove he’s not the frail child he once was, he’s shredding through local rodeos on the wildest broncs around. But the man he most wishes would stop seeing him as a sickly child is Michael.
Since the moment they met, West had hoped that one day Michael would look at him with desire, seeing him as a true equal and not just a responsibility.
Michael Whittaker has devoted his life to protecting others, but he’s failed at every turn. He’s always been just a little too late to save anyone. When he discovers the boy who’s wriggled under his skin is risking his neck riding broncs—and realizes he’s no longer a boy at all—the tough-as-nails cowboy is forced to make a decision.
He’s old enough to know better.
Straight enough to know better.
Seducing West may ruin their friendship, but maybe it will save his life.
Each moment together is delicious torture. Passion hotter than either of them expected. Michael may be old enough to be West’s daddy, but there’s nothing fatherly in his sinful gaze and rough hands.
As they grow closer, Michael realizes that trying to keep West safe might just break the young cowboy’s heart. Because West is looking for more than just a roll in the hay; he’s looking for love—and the one thing Michael can’t give away is his heart.
Even though it feels like West has already stolen it.

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