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double up, courtney w dixon

Double Up (Ohana Surfing Club #3) by Courtney W. Dixon – Free eBooks Download


Noah and I were like a double-up wave. Together we were stronger and more powerful.

It didn’t matter if I was well-behaved or a good son. My parents refused to accept that I wasn’t a sinner when I kissed a boy at fifteen years old. I soon found myself without parents and a home. But fate had other plans for me when desperation had me stealing a surfboard. The owners of the surf shop I stole from took me under their wing and fostered me. It was then that I met the blond boy, so full of love and sunshine, who would become the love of my life.

I tried hard to be a good son, taking care of my mom whenever she was on one of her drunken binges, which was all the time. But it was exhausting. I needed a break and a job. That was when I met the feral and angry boy with golden eyes. He was desperate for a friend and I wanted to be that person. His surfing club hired me so that I could finally find my way out from my mother’s suffocation. It was also there that I found someone who would love me without conditions.
Zayden and Noah had been together for five years, loving and supporting each other, through ups and downs. Will they survive the next trial life just tossed at them?

CW: Abandonment, alcoholism, underage drinking and pot smoking, homophobia, bullying, explicit language, and sex. Not for readers under 18.
This book can be read as a standalone, but like any series, it’s always appreciated more if read in order.

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