Double Trouble in the Midlife by Lia Davis (ePUB)

double trouble, lia davis

Double Trouble in the Midlife (Fanged After Forty #11) by Lia Davis, L.A. Boruff – Free eBooks Download


If there’s supposed to be an adjustment period for becoming a powerful vampire, Hailey totally missed it. There’s no time to waste when she suddenly finds herself with another new set of supernatural skills to master. She thought she had seen it all. Little did she know that this newfound connection would bring about a series of extraordinary events.

Wasn’t immortality supposed to have some perks? Or at the very least no hard deadlines?
Oh, well. At least while she’s rushing to perfect all of her powers, Hailey is too busy to think about the calamity that awaits her at home. But seriously, how can she and Jax avoid hosting houseguests who hate each other? It may not be possible.
Just as Hailey and Jax begin to acclimate to their new identities, the Mother of All craves a taste of the “human experience.” Sound vague? Spoilers, baby.
With Twin Terrors Allison and Avery still around, life as a vampire is complicated enough. Who needs more drama?

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