Don’t Touch My Men by Helen Scott (ePUB)

don't touch men, lacey carter andersen

Don’t Touch My Men (Legends Unleashed #3) by Helen Scott, Lacey Carter Andersen – Free eBooks Download


My revenge on the warlocks was only an appetizer in the chaos that surrounds me. What I didn’t realize was that the Wardwells had more than one motivation for locking me away in the mirror realm.
Now that I know why they did it, I hope my men and I can survive the aftermath. That is, if they can find me. Together we are a force to be reckoned with, but alone and beaten down?
I don’t know if I can make it.
The darkness wants to push me over the edge, make me lose my mind, and I don’t know how long I can fight it without my men beside me. It wants to destroy life as we know it, and use my powers to accomplish its goal. It will stop at nothing to reach its goal.
We might be the only ones standing in its way.

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