Don’t Regret Me by Michelle MacQueen (ePUB)

don't regret me, michelle macqueen

Don’t Regret Me (Sweet Dreams #2) by Michelle MacQueen – Free eBooks Download


Hollywood enigma Nick Jacobs is ready to face the consequences of his actions.
His punishment means taking a break from acting, a break from his life.

Elizabeth Ross will never forget the time she spent at the lake house with the man who no longer knows who she is. But it’s time to return to her life and try to move on from the man who no longer remembers her.
When Nick returns to Gulf City, Elizabeth does her best to stay away. But that’s the thing about small towns.
There is no hiding for long.
As they spend more time around each other, the world they experienced between life and death doesn’t feel so far away.
But can they ever get it back?

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