Donovan Blake: Passion by Maggie Carpenter (ePUB)

donovan blake passion, maggie carpenter

Donovan Blake: Passion (Secret Lives: Billionaires #2) by Maggie Carpenter – Free eBooks Download


Donovan Blake and Phoebe Beaumont find themselves dueling with Alexi Koslov, a ruthless Russian oligarch they’ve battled before.
He makes it clear if they get in his way Phoebe will pay the price.
Can Donovan protect her from the evil criminal mastermind?

A string of art thefts from stately country estates has confounded British law enforcement. At a loss, they call on their colleagues at the FBI. The latest victim is Lord Peter Hawthorne. A centuries old portrait has been stolen from his home.

Billionaire bad boy and undercover agent Donovan Blake is tasked with finding the culprits. When he jets off to London, Phoebe Beaumont, a wealthy heiress and sharp young woman who once saved his life, is at his side.

As Donovan and Phoebe investigate, they stumble across much more than they ever expected. Not only do they learn the nefarious Alexi Koslov is behind the thefts, ghosts from the past resurface, and romance is everywhere.

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