Dominated By the Dark Elf by Celeste King (ePUB)

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Dominated By the Dark Elf (Dark Elves of Protheka #15) by Celeste King – Free eBooks Download


A monster nearly kills me.
But an even crueler creature saves me.

On the hell world of Protheka, my family is owned by a vicious dark elf.
What I haven’t bargained for is how close I’ve grown to him.
Or how frantic I am to save him when he is attacked.
It’s only when I almost lose him that I realize I’ve given him more than I intended.
Not just servitude. But love as well.
But will our budding romance survive when we return back home?
Or will the pressures of his caste crush us before it can bloom?
Maybe I’m foolish, but I believe he’s set his sights on a new goal than inflicting pain.
Something that will bring him much more intense pleasure.
What is it?
My heart.

Author’s Note: This full length dark fae monster fantasy romance is dark, but sweet. Please note there are dark themes present.

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