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dominance, ajay daniel

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Vincent Bernardi
Caiden Augustus, CEO of Augustus Imports and one of my older brother’s best friends, needs a bodyguard. The narcissistic womanizer of a man is being targeted by an unknown enemy, and as the best my company has to offer, I find myself being forced to guard him 24/7. My peaceful weekends, movie nights with friends, and trips back home to Italy never felt like they needed anything more – anyone more – but, somehow, this idiot is invading my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.
This is bad. Very, very bad.
He’s my client, my brother’s best friend, and, worst of all, straight as the New York skyscraper with his name on it. I can’t let myself fall for him.

Caiden Augustus
V. Stronzo. Little Bernardi. My best friend’s younger brother.
It takes me being poisoned for my best friend to offer his security to protect me, and it takes me being shot for him to assign his number one guy, aka his younger brother, to watch me day and night. I’m forced to live with him, work with him in my office, and let him see every side of me I try to keep hidden, all while not even knowing his actual name. In doing so, I uncover a side of him I never thought existed, as well as a part of myself I thought was buried in my past.

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