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domesticated beast, onley james

Domesticated Beast (Time Served #3) by Onley James – Free eBooks Download


JAVIER DE LA FUENTE is a criminal, an ex-con with a long line of offenses, atoning for his sins by rescuing abused animals and advocating for child victims. But that doesn’t mean he’s a saint. Javier learned years ago that what’s right and what’s legal aren’t always the same thing.

BOWIE BAKERis a ballet dancer, a soloist doing his best to get ahead in his LA dance company. Until an opportunity turns his life into a nightmare that Bowie can’t seem to escape. He’s never been a victim and he’s not about to start now, even if that means storming the police station full of righteous fury and facing down a room of armed detectives.
One look at Bowie and Javier is all in, calling in favors just for an opportunity to see him again. To make him feel safe. Bowie knows Javier isn’t a good guy, but he’s had enough of the good guys and maybe Javier is the kind of bad he needs.

When an attempt to make Bowie feel safe again only thrusts him further into danger, Javier has to decide whether he’s willing to risk his freedom, and maybe even his life, to keep Bowie in his arms for good.

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