Doll at Heart by Danielle Marx (ePUB)

doll at heart, danielle marx

Doll at Heart (Bluerock #3) by Danielle Marx – Free eBooks Download


When the town’s asleep, he comes out to play.

My fresh start came at a sickening price.
There’s no use in dwelling. I paid it. It’s done. So here I am, learning to live for the very first time.
I want to experience everything I missed. I want to taste it all.
But nothing’s been able to hit my tongue like the gruff bartender next-door.
Tommy’s a devil with blue eyes. I can’t resist.
He plays with me in the dark and scares my nightmares away.
But it’s a dangerous game, and the closer I let this man get to me, the greater the chances of him ripping my scars wide open and finding out who I really am.

The second I spotted her on the fire escape, I was hooked.
Emilia’s like no woman I’ve ever met. A free spirit, dancing on the roof in the early hours of the morning.
But this girl has secrets. Heavy ones that keep her up at night.
Not that I judge. Hell, I’ve got a stack of damage all of my own and no one does trouble like Tommy Anderson.
My reputation is growing darker by the day, and getting involved with the hot ballerina next-door won’t do either of us any favors.
But my doll doesn’t want the days. She’s content to have me at night. Friends with benefits, she says.
I’d be a madman to turn down an offer like that.

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