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dishonor, gn wright

Dishonor (The Hallowed Crows MC #2) by G.N. Wright – Free eBooks Download


Death. Distraction. Destruction.
That’s all my life consists of now.
It wasn’t supposed to happen like this, but everything went wrong. I knew the game, the rules, the consequences, yet still I chose to play. And now he’s dead. He killed him. I killed him, and nothing will ever be the same again.
I thought I could survive, that I could beat him, that I could turn to my best friend and everything would be okay, but I was wrong. Now I have blood on my hands and death in my heart.
I thought I had to fight before, that I had to watch my back, but that is nothing compared to now. Any chance of ever getting them on my side again faded the moment that bullet was fired.
My saviors
My tormentors
My salvation.
Now nothing but my enemies. I had their love, then their hate, now I have nothing but their rage.
It’s said that Crows won’t attack unless you give them a reason.
Guess I gave them one.

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