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Dirty Revenge (Dirty #5) by Aila Glass – Free eBooks Download


Getting cheated on sucks. Most people deal with it by watching a rom-com and downing a tub of ice cream. But I did something worse than Bridget Jones’s Diary and Ben&Jerry’s. Something naughty. I asked my ex’s dad to take my virginity. Raging revenge led me down this path, but as the seconds tick by in Bryce’s arms, I’m finding it harder to let go.

She’s too young. She’s my son’s ex-girlfriend. She wants me for revenge, but I don’t give a damn. I want her sweet body under me. Wrapped around me. And I’ll take what I can get. She’s the forbidden fruit I ache for, and I want it all every second she looks at me. Not just the weekend—forever.

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