Dirty Big Sins by E.M. Gayle (ePUB)

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Dirty Big Sins (Mafia Mayhem Duet #4) by E.M. Gayle – Free eBooks Download


When someone hurts what is mineā€¦ the gloves are off.

When it came to my father’s infamous family of crime, I thought I could remain neutral.
It may be time to give up my boxing gloves for a gun, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to roll over on command because the family says so.
I’ll take on every single one of those punks until they get the message
Vincent Romeo Cabrini is no one’s pawn.
But first, I’m going to make sure Zia understands exactly where she belongs.
At my side.
And In my world, because the end always justifies the means.

I thought I’d gotten out of my godfather’s criminal underworld and owned my own life. Until it all fell apart because of one stupid night.
Vincent lied about everything and now what little I have left is at risk.
I need to walk away. Let him go. Before I get sucked back in. But there are pictures of my darkest secrets and when they get released…
No. I can’t forget or forgive.

Dirty Big Sins is the exciting conclusion to the Dirty Sins Duet that began in Dirty Little Sins. Please read that book first.

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