Dire Consequences by Micca Michaels (ePUB)

dire consequences, micca michaels

Dire Consequences (Dire Secrets #3) by Micca Michaels – Free eBooks Download


It’s all come down to this. This is the final showdown and they’re going to reap what they sewed. Everyone who’s stood against me and mine will feel my wrath.
You all know my name and who I am, well now I get to prove to everyone just how powerful I really am. I’ve been through hell and back with my mates. Together we’ve been through countless battles and now it’s time for war. I know each and every one of them would put their lives on the line for me and I would as well, only now there’s more at stake. Our three precious babies.
Alpha Kieran has had his sights set on me and now my babies are in his view. Guess what you bastard? They’re mine.
The rift between the living and the Spirit world is getting larger and I have to be the one to seal it. Being the Double Raven, my mates and I are the only ones that can do it. As our goal to accomplish this is in our sight the Blackwood Dire Pack thinks they can take what’s mine. If it’s a war that they want, it’s a war they will get.
I just hope that they’re ready to face the Dire Consequences of their actions.

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