Dinosaurs, Doubts & Albert Einswine by Sedona Ashe (ePUB)

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Dinosaurs, Doubts & Albert Einswine (Dino Magic #3) by Sedona Ashe – Free eBooks Download


I’m ready for the chaos of Texas to be a speck in my rearview mirror.
So when the museum director throws me a bone by arranging for us to visit a fossil dig in Utah, I jump at the opportunity.
I need a breather from all the craziness that has become my life since waking multiple dino shifters. A dig in Utah sounds like exactly what I need, the perfect getaway. As long as I stay away from any dino shifter bones… other than in the bedroom, of course.
The first surprise was the primitive campsite. These cabins don’t even have running water. Oof.
The second surprise was being chased through the woods by someone—or something. Gulp.
The third? Well, let’s just say my attacker was more than a little freaked out when we tumbled into a pit and he came face-to-face with a brontosaurus. Surprise, mother-clucker!
You would have thought dealing with a newly awakened shifter, and working through things with Albert would have been enough drama for one vacation. But someone is stealing from the dig site, and suspicion falls on everyone in the campsite… including my mates, Suli, and me.
My mates create a security detail to unravel the mystery, while I spend my time learning how to control my magic. I absolutely suck at it, but don’t judge me! It’s just really tough, okay?
How’s a girl supposed to manage four dinosaur shifters, a sexy detective on high alert, and Albert Einswine, who continues to cause endless mischief and chaos?
I’ll tell you how—with lots of coffee, no sleep, and a possibly a slight detour into madness. Ignore the evil maniacal laughter. Maybe I’ll feel better after a nap.

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