Dhampir In Waiting by Ravyn Wilde (ePUB)

dhampir waiting, ravyn wilde

Dhampir In Waiting (Creatures of Myth #15) by Ravyn Wilde – Free eBooks Download


Could Samantha love him enough to change his world?

One of three races who require blood to live, the Dhampir use the Goddess Bones to find their one true Blood Mate.
Blood Mates are chosen by the Goddess Bones. They aren’t given a choice—they are ripped from their beds in the dead of night and offered to the Dhampir in a blood ceremony. But the bones have been missing for centuries and now the Dhampir race is nearly extinct.
When the bones reappear—the modern woman who found them discovered their purpose. Samantha would rather see the bones destroyed than have another woman traumatized by their use.
Naul would do anything to stop his new Blood Mate from destroying his world, even if it means she’ll hate him for the rest of their very long lives.
The new Blood Mates are fighting back, refusing to accept what the Dhampir have planned for them. In doing so, they’ve become a target for the Dhampir’s mortal enemy… the Dark Fae. This enemy will do anything to keep the Dhampir from breeding and the women walk right into their trap.

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