Devil’s Flowers: Honor by Kyra Synd (ePUB)

devil's flowers, kyra synd

Devil’s Flowers: Honor (Outlawed Malibu MC #2) by Kyra Synd – Free eBooks Download


Feared and hated, admired, and even loved by some: he’s the devil of the Iron Skulls.

Blaze must leave Malibu for a while and travel around the United States with Shard. First destination: Kansas City. Blaze intends to exact revenge after a fifteen-year wait, and also reveal future plans involving his trip’s companion. The travel is planned in detail, but his path is crossed by a panther.
Blackie is a sensual, strong, and determined woman with a secret that involves the Devil, ready to face him despite the scars that mark her. Torn between guilt and the need for a second chance, they fall in an attraction that leaves no escape, an out-of-control fire that could reduce them to ashes.

The fire must burn to live.

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