Detained By the Alien Enforcer by Liz Paffel (ePUB)

detained alien enforcer, liz paffel

Detained By the Alien Enforcer (Cosmic SWAT #3) by Liz Paffel – Free eBooks Download


I’ve stayed hidden for years on this unstable alien planet. Humans are being abducted left and right, forced into breeding, and kept in cages like pets. I didn’t survive a career as a paramedic in violent downtown Chicago to be stuffed into a cage, thanks. I’ve already been abducted once, and I’ll die before it happens again.
I’m a masked healer now, with the only apothecary on Tevron. I’ve got a bigger secret than being human… and it’s one every skin trader in the universe would kill to find out.
I have to keep my secret safe… and I was doing fine until the alien cop detained me. Tempted me.
And discovered who I truly am and what I’m up to.

My job is to collect humans and deposit them into safety at the human colony on Enlaan. I’m recovering from unfathomable trauma and working as a S.W.A.T Enforcer. Nothing deters me from a mission.
The moment I removed the human female’s mask, I knew I was in trouble. I’ve renounced my name. Locked my emotions deep inside. She makes me want to feel something besides rage. To belong to someone. These desires shame me. And when I realize what she’s done… I know I can never have what I think I want.
She fights me at every turn. So, I must take drastic measures. I have no choice. I need her to save the Orin Empire, and possibly my soul.
No matter if she’s willing or not.

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