Destiny of Twilight and Stars by Brieghanna Maye (ePUB)

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Destiny of Twilight and Stars (Twilight and Stars #1) by Brieghanna Maye – Free eBooks Download


As the princess of the Kingdom of Pyrus, Asteria was expected to be a future leader and a Queen. She knew this was her duty, and she had never questioned it. Until her father, the King, informed her that she was to be betrothed to the Prince of Solaria, Prince Stefan. He was rumored to be a cruel, wicked prince, something she knew to be true. But to make it even worse, he was also her cousin.
As the wedding date approaches, Asteria begins to doubt her ability to fulfill her duty to her people by marrying the Prince. She couldn’t believe her father had agreed to this marriage. Why him?
Little does she know that Stefan has a secret and her father had no choice but to ensure the marriage.
An ancient prophecy speaks of one that is supposed to return magic and power to the realm. And Asteria is the key. Prince Stefan was determined to claim her and control that power. The night before the wedding, she flees, unable to go through with the betrothal. As she escapes, she meets a man who promises freedom from her cousin. While Asteria is captivated by this man’s bravery and charm, she fails to realize that she’s just become his ultimate bargaining chip. But was their meeting just a coincidence, or was it destiny?

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