Destined Mate by Jen L. Grey (ePUB)

destined mate, jen l grey

Destined Mate (Twisted Fate Trilogy #1) by Jen L. Grey – Free eBooks Download


Fate stripped everything from me and forced me to face my worst nightmare.

As the adopted and weakest member of my pack, I’ve always been an outcast and mistreated, especially since I’ve never been able to shift into my animal form.
Every time I try to find a way to escape my personal hell, my pack leader stops me, vowing that I’ll never be free from him.
Then the worst happens.
A groupof my pack members attack me.
Alone, outnumbered, and stuck in my human form, I’ll fight for my life even though there’s no hope for survival.
Until a group of unfamiliar wolves come to my aid.
The sexiest and strongest of them, Bodey, is adamant to protect me.
And something inside me tugs toward him almost unnaturally.
But it turns out things aren’t what they seem.
There might be something more to my past than I knew . . . and Bodey might be the very person I need protecting from.

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