Designing for the Billionaire by Mia Sparrow (ePUB)

designing for billionaire, mia sparrow

Designing for the Billionaire (Experience #1) by Mia Sparrow – Free eBooks Download


How can she keep things professional when every fantasy she’s ever had revolved around him?

Amelia Hall is a designer. Unfortunately, her pompous boss has her on perpetual coffee duty, and she’s not the type to rock the boat. Until Mr. Ego flounders in his big meeting with upscale club owner Raphael Teresse, that is. Lia throws caution to the wind, giving voice to her design concepts. But when Lia meets the renowned billionaire’s eyes, her world stops. How can she keep things professional when she may have finally found her long-lost Mystery Guy?
Raphael Teresse recently took over Experience and its sister clubs from his late mentor; there’s no room for distractions. Especially sweet, petite ones with flowing honey hair and eyes like the Atlantic. But there’s something familiar about the unassuming designer; she reminds him of someone and he needs to know who. Even if it means crossing lines he forged from steel.
Raph hires Lia as the head designer for the club he’s opening, but for her, there’s a catch. Or three.
One toe out of line, and her ego-bruised boss will have her job.
Two haunting eyes distract her from design work that could make her career.
Three words hold her back from changing her world forever… Keep things professional.

Designing for the Billionaire is a new spin on a second chance. It’s got relatable friends, annoying bosses, a hint of angst, and the one that got away.
And, of course, a swoony HEA.

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