Demon With Benefits by Aurora Ascher (ePUB)

demon with benefits, aurora ascher

Demon With Benefits (Hell Bent #3) by Aurora Ascher – Free eBooks Download


They can run from their demons…

The jokester of the demon brothers, Meph wears his grin like armor and uses humor as a mask. But lately, his composure has been slipping, especially around her. Iris. The blue-haired witch with a vicious temperament. Something about her soothes the darkness within him…but he’s not looking for a savior.
There’s no such thing for someone like him.
…But they can’t hide forever.
Bitter and haunted by her traumatic past, Iris Donovan isn’t keen on welcoming demons into her life—even if they’re her sister’s friends. Especially not teasing, tattooed Meph, with his red eyes and devilish smile. After a toxic relationship, she’s sworn off commitment, and she’s not looking for another Mr. Damaged.
Yet she can’t stop craving what she shouldn’t want.
To conquer this monster…they must tame it together.
With the return of a deadly enemy, the pain they’ve been suppressing is exposed, and Meph and Iris can no longer deny their feelings. Before Meph is swallowed by his darkness, Iris must overcome her fears and embrace that terrible part of him…
Or lose him forever.

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