Demon Masks and Angel Wings by Lisa Oliver (ePUB)

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Demon Masks and Angel Wings (Balance #5) by Lisa Oliver – Free eBooks Download


Michael, Angel of Protection, knew he had a part to play in the mating scheme dreamed up by Head Office, and was happy to accept that. But during a date with a demon that was finally going somewhere, they were rudely interrupted with the news that Lucifer was gravely injured. All Michael wanted to do at that point, was get back to Gabriel.
Orobas was back doing what he did best, playing in the theatre and occasionally going on interesting dates with the angel Michael. Reporting back to the Underworld was not on his list of things to do, but orders were orders.
Lucifer vulnerable? How could that happen, and where did the threat even come from? Michael is charged with protecting the Lord of the Underworld, but at what cost to him and Orobas? And is their relationship even important if Lucifer and Gabriel are taken down?

Mature content intended for adults only. While reading the previous books in the series helps give context for the background story for the reader, it’s not entirely necessary.

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