Demon in My Cell by Sydney St. James (ePUB)

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Demon in My Cell (My Demon Lords #2) by Sydney St. James – Free eBooks Download


I’ll play your villain but beware, I bite back.

Betrayed by one of our own, I’m now a living trophy of the Luminous Court’s victory. But all is not right on the continent. A murderer stalks the halls of elves while a monster rattles the foundations of the castle. I’m alone, powerless, and speeding toward a terrible end. I can’t wait on my demon lovers to rescue me.
I used to think I lived in a cage, now I know what it’s truly like. Every night I search for a way back to the demons who have my heart and every day I play cat and mouse with the man who wants to destroy everything I love.
The dungeons of the Luminous Court house a terrible secret. A prisoner more fearsome than me. My unexpected ally could spell my death or salvation. In this terrible place, we only have each other. I fear my heart is already lost to the creature that stalks the depths of the dungeon.

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