Demon Found by Zana Wilder (ePUB)

demon found, zana wilder

Demon Found (Fates Academy #1) by Zana Wilder – Free eBooks Download


One sassy heroine. Three arrogant bad-boys. If she follows her heart, they’re all doomed.

Lorelei can look after herself. She always has. She mustn’t trust anyone. But what if the only way to survive Fates Academy is to break her sacred rule?
Between temperamental new powers, a gruesome murder, and a heart wrenching betrayal, everything is stacking up against her. There’s no choice left. She needs people on her side, and quickly.
Nothing at Fates Academy is quite what it seems, not even Lorelei. Alongside her powers, burn red-hot desires. Desires that could ruin everything. How can she choose between the men in her life when loving even one of them would curse them all, forever?

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