Deja Brew All Over Again by Sylvie Stewart (ePUB)

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Deja Brew All Over Again (Love on Tap #3) by Sylvie Stewart – Free eBooks Download


Trouble has always had a way of finding me, but being carjacked by a pretty girl in a wedding dress is one thing I never saw coming.

As the official family screw-up, not many people count on me for anything but a good time. But Maisy Romero and her little brother need a knight in shining armor, and they need him yesterday.
Clearly, I’m not that guy, especially since I’ve already got serious trouble chasing me down—the kind that just landed me in jail. The last thing this runaway bride needs is to tangle herself up with me and my mess.
But Maisy sees something greater in me that nobody else ever has—well, almost nobody—and she’s determined to get me to see it too.

I should push her away for her own good. After all, there’s a reason people don’t count on me. But somehow I still find myself asking: Could I possibly be that knight after all—even if my armor is tarnished and dented?

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