Defying Boundaries by Liberty Parker (ePUB)

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Defying Boundaries (DreamCatcher MC #10) by Liberty Parker – Free eBooks Download


Life is tricky, dangerous, and heartbreaking.

Julius Alvarez knows this from firsthand knowledge. He’s lived in two lethal worlds. The Alvarez organization is his birthright. He was born into power that he didn’t want after it was forbidden for him to be with the love of his life. That direct order from his father had him on the run with his woman, where he founded the DreamCatcher Motorcycle Club, and built a legacy for his children. It wasn’t safer than the one he’d been born into, but he made the rules, laid down bylaws, and never forced his men to choose between the club and the woman who called to their hearts. When both of his worlds collided, and his woman, his Ma, was murdered, he lost his will to love.

However, even in death, Ma refuses to let him be, to allow him to mourn, until he draws his last breath and can reunite with her in the afterlife. But she’s always been feisty, even from the grave. It seems she’s determined for him to open his heart and force him to let another woman into it.

Doesn’t she know? No one completes him like she did and no one ever will.

Sheltered, naïve, and lackluster.

In a nutshell, those are the traits Shayne Fitzgerald exhibits. Things she knows must be interpreted in her demeanor to keep her safe from outside threats. The ones who are supposed to protect her are the ones who are the most dangerous to her. Shayne knows she must run, but where will she go? She has no one outside of her best friend, Mera, but she’s in the same predicament Shayne is. Neither of them has anyone outside of the convent. Who is strong enough to stand up to her brothers? Who has the clout to go to war with them, because she knows better than anyone, it’ll be a bloodbath. Her siblings are determined to become more powerful, to line their pockets with cash, even if that means using her as their pawn to get there.

There’s no doubt she has to leave the only place she’s called home, to hide, to find sanctuary with someone who can keep her identity a secret. But this is no fairytale. There’s no knight on a white horse riding in to save the day… or is there?

Can Pops learn to love again? Can Shayne forgive him for his deceit? Only time will tell.

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