Definitely Not Meant To Be by A.W. Scott (ePUB)

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Definitely Not Meant To Be (NightShade Security #1) by A.W. Scott – Free eBooks Download


“How long have you been in love with your best friend?”

I accepted long ago that I couldn’t have all of the things I wanted in life.
Growing up in the way I did, I would be a fool to get my hopes up.
But even with that knowledge, I couldn’t resist.
I was helpless not to fall into the orbit that was my best friend.
When a new partnership between our bosses throws us together, I do my best to keep my distance.
No need for him to know just how deep my feelings run.
Especially not when he’s as straight as they come.

So, I should probably tell my boss that working with my best friend isn’t the best idea.
Godric is a distraction… the best kind since I realized I was into men too.
Only, my job with NightShade means I have to stay focused.
Danger lurks around every corner and I need to be at my best to stop it.
A new client and a special assignment give me just the escape I need.
Except, instead of one of my teammates coming, Tank sends Godric to help.
How am I going to focus with him around?

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