Defiant Little Love by Rachael Brownell (ePUB)

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Defiant Little Love (Lake State University #9) by Rachael Brownell – Free eBooks Download


There really is a fine line between love and hate. Friends and enemies.
Max Palmer is an a-hole.
And I’m in love with him. I’m pretty sure I have been since the day we met.
I’ve tried to quit him. Multiple times. But he’s an addiction that refuses to be ignored. Which is why one minute we’re together, colliding with hurricane force, and the next we’re pushing each other away, pretending not to like each other. Fighting the feelings that are bubbling just beneath the surface.
For years we’ve been able to hide our secret love affair from everyone.
I’m tired of lying to myself about the way I feel.
Of hiding the truth from the people that matter most to me. Even if I know they won’t approve. Even if my confession may destroy friendships in the process.
I’m also pissed off because he started dating one of my sisters. The same night I was ready to confess my feelings for him.
If he was looking to get a rise out of me, it worked.
I’ve wasted years with him. Lying and pretending I was happily single, focused on school so no one would suspect otherwise.
And how does he repay me?
By shoving his new relationship in my face.
Well, screw him. I’m not wasting another minute of my time crying over a man who was never really mine to begin with.
If he wants to play games, it’s on.
Because I don’t plan to lose my heart to Max Palmer.

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