Defending His Hope by Patricia D. Eddy (ePUB)

defending his hope, patricia d eddy

Defending His Hope (Away From Keyboard #10) by Patricia D. Eddy – Free eBooks Download


I’m no hero. Don’t much care that the Navy disagrees with me. My years as a SEAL left me with a ledger full of blood, a permanent limp, and a complete inability to function in polite society. Up in the mountains, no one bothers me. Hell, no one even knows I exist. It’s better that way.
So why did I bring the beaten and bloodied woman back to my cabin?
Because when I found her trapped in an SUV hanging upside down at the edge of the cliff, she whispered three words I couldn’t ignore.
“He’ll kill me.”
No, he won’t, darlin’. Because anyone coming for you? They’ll have to go through me. No one messes with a SEAL and survives.

One night, one mistake, and I’m trapped. My boyfriend-turned-captor will never let me go. Unless I take matters into my own hands and escape. But even then, he finds me, and now the car I stole is hanging upside down, balanced on a tree, on the side of the mountain. In a snowstorm.
When a stranger comes to my rescue, I don’t want to trust him, but I don’t have a choice. Will this bearded mountain man be my salvation? Or will the man who wants me dead kill Wyatt too?

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