Defeating Wicked Blaze by M. Sinclair (ePUB)

defeating blaze, m sinclair

Defeating Wicked Blaze (The Wronged #3) by M. Sinclair – Free eBooks Download


I couldn’t remember what life was like before Wicked Blaze Correctional.

The place had left a permanent imprint on my brain. A bloody, savage tattoo that seemed to shade everything in dark, cynical colors. Jaded.
That was the lens I viewed the world through. Any rose-colored glasses I once owned had been dropped and stepped on, ground into the cold, hard floor of my cell.
The small amount of hope I did have resided in my future. A future with these men I love. A future absent of sadness, anger, and vengeance.
Unfortunately, there were elements standing in the way of that. Namely, Drake. Oh, and that pesky little claim Brody was making about my past. You know, the one where I was a queen and heir to the realm? Yeah, we would see about that.

What I did know? I would right the wrongs that had been done to this land and slaughter Drake before sprinkling his blood over every part of this sickening nation.

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