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deception, melora francois

Deception (Divinity Prep #2) by Melora François – Free eBooks Download


Secrets, lies, and murder. Just another day at Divinity Prep.

After my first term at Divinity Prep, I thought I’d have my power under control and life would be smooth sailing. Instead, I’m more lost than ever, and no amount of studying and distraction is enough to keep my ability from endangering everyone around me. Even though she’s willing to light people on fire for me, I can’t tell my best friend, and the four men who know what I can do can’t be relied on anymore. Under the headmistress’s watchful eye and the threat of exposure at any moment, I’m drowning in questions with no answers.
Remy could provide them, but he refuses to reveal what he’s hiding. Varon hates me—sometimes—and Sam is a liar. But what did I truly expect from a god of deception? Darrio wants nothing more than to help, but how long before he turns on me, too?
When bodies start to drop again, trusting anyone is a luxury I can’t afford. Keeping up with classes and avoiding the men who haunt my dreams every night is fracturing the tenuous hold I have on my power, and if I can’t keep it together, the next body to fall could be one of theirs.

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