Deadly Obsessions by Chelle Rose (ePUB)

deadly obsessions, chelle rose

Deadly Obsessions by Chelle Rose, Mia Fury – Free eBooks Download


Three stalkers. Two innocent women. No way out.

As authors of smut we tend to get interesting messages. Think eggplant pictures. So when Van Der Wiener starts chatting with me and sending said images I am not all that surprised. However, every man before him I’ve blocked.
Why didn’t I block him? I have no idea but then I find out he’s also messaging my friend Peena, also an author. We decide to have a little fun with Mr. Van Der Wiener but what happens when a silly little game turns serious?

I’ve been watching him. My pretty boy. He has all these plans, made all the arrangements to get what he wants, two pretty authors who write stories of the dark and depraved. Of course he didn’t calculate two other men into his little equation.
He stalked two innocent women, bought the house in the most secluded area he could find, he has no one to blame but himself for the predicament he’ll find himself in. It’s almost as if he wanted to be caught in my trap.

What happens when an innocent little game turns terrifying? Is it possible to survive so many Deadly Obsessions?

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