Deadlier than the Males by Teresa Hann (ePUB)

deadlier, teresa hann

Deadlier than the Males by Teresa Hann – Free eBooks Download


She thought she’d seen the last of her dark past.
Then it broke into her apartment and tried to get into her pants.
Because the pack that destroyed her life needs a new alpha…and it’s her.
Briar Faelan was born a wolf shifter alpha, and it’s brought her nothing but a hardened heart, a blinded eye, and a lonely life of exile. After everything she’s lost, she’s sworn to have nothing to do with her kind ever again. Anything seems possible in the city, even rejecting her own nature.
Then her brother’s shocking death leaves her leader of her pack, with no choice but to return her hometown…and face the men meant to become her mates.
Sweet, cheerful Owain, scion of a powerful pack, who seems too good to be true.
Brilliant, tormented Torin, her childhood friend, a shadow of the boy she once knew.
Beautiful, heartless Rye, her first and only crush, whom she hates more than anyone alive.
Briar can’t run from her inner alpha wolf any longer, not if she wants to survive. Because old scars run as deep as passions. A dangerous enemy haunts the town. And her brother’s death might not have been an accident…

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