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dead tired, pandora pine

Dead Tired (Cold Case Psychic #23) by Pandora Pine – Free eBooks Download


After a late night slip and fall in his kitchen, Detective Ronan O’Mara awakens to find his mother, Erin, who’s been dead for the last decade, at his side comforting him. Thanks to the blow to the head, he’s able to see and speak with spirits. Is this new found gift a side effect of his concussion, or is it here to stay?
Still reeling over his sudden mediumship abilities, Ronan and the cold case team begin working a new investigation involving a nurse who was found murdered after a blind date. Complicating matters further, Ronan can see the young woman’s spirit, while Tennyson cannot, leaving the psychic to grapple with this blow to his confidence.
The hunt is on for Amber Thomas’s killer. Ronan is pulling double duty working the case and speaking with demanding spirits who won’t give him a moment’s peace. As the investigation deepens, the list of potential suspects grows. From Amber’s best friend, to her high school sweetheart, nursing school professors, and that fateful blind date, no one’s as innocent as they seem.

Who murdered the young nurse? Why? More importantly, will Ronan’s new ability lead him to Amber’s killer?

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