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Day Into Night (The Firsts #16) by C.L. Quinn – Free eBooks Download


Riding through South America, Will felt as if he was finally heading toward the elusive Destiny that he’d been told waited for him somewhere in his lifetime.

He didn’t believe he was special or destined, even if he had an incredible bond with the living earth. Even if he could access her power and do amazing things. At no point did he think that some grand destiny awaited him and that he would live a beautiful accomplished life. He was a biker, a road warrior, who tore out a living trying to help people with his newly understood gifts, fell into bed, and rose again to do it yet another night. That was his fancy destiny…just make it through the night. In the back of his memory the image of a beautiful woman persisted, one who was extraordinary, from an ancient race of first blood vampires, and while he hadn’t been able to forget her, he accepted that he’d likely never see her again. Will was sure he was far beneath her radar. An extraordinary woman deserved an extraordinary man, and he knew he wasn’t it. Still, he continued south on his old Harley-Davidson to see if perhaps there might be something designed by destiny waiting for him.

Olivia’s life was perfect. She owned several popular casinos in high-rise buildings in Las Vegas, lived with friends who had become family, and had found her true family a hundred years earlier who’d welcomed her into their community with love and welcoming arms. Why then, when her closest friend and ally told her about meeting a rough-edged biker in the desert did her heart begin to flip? She had her pick of gorgeous men, human or vampire, and yet…that memory of a naked man who’d walked out of a pool in the Arizona desert one night a year ago kept repeating in her dreams. She’d been warned…dreams are often Destiny’s voice guiding one to where their future lie. Destiny was leading her back to the desert? For this man trapped in her mind? Olivia knew, though, that it was unwise to ignore universal messages, especially when Destiny awaits your response. “Okay, Destiny, what do you want me to do?” The answer came when the stranger she’d met in a cool pool in the hot air rescues her friend, bringing him back into her mind and into her life. South, Destiny tells her, you go south after him.

South it was. Off she went in search of her elusive Destiny.

But it isn’t going to be easy.

Book 16 in the Bestselling vampire romance series brings Olivia and Willoughby back together. Don’t miss this next in series!

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