Daughter of the Darkened City by Willow Quinn (ePUB)

daughter darkened city, willow quinn

Daughter of The Darkened City (Fates and Fables #2) by Willow Quinn – Free eBooks Download


A disgraced academic.
A rogue demon warrior.
An enchanted forest.
And a city lost to fables.

Avenay would do anything to save her sister from the same fate that claimed their mother years ago. Avenay’s last hope rests on the tales of a cure that exists in the fabled city of Cirro. Her peers whisper behind her back that’s she’s gone mad, chasing children’s tales and bedtime stories. But she knows what she’s uncovered, and nothing will distract her from her goal. Not even the devilishly beautiful demon that is tasked with protecting her on the quest.
Enid enjoys living a life of freedom, unwilling to let anything tie her down or force her to face the fears that lurk deep within. But her carefree ways are interrupted when a summons from the Elf King makes her encounter the breathtaking Avenay. Now she’s questioning every wall she’s put up and letting herself dream in ways she’s never dared before.

But nothing is as it seems. An adventure that’s starts as an archeological expedition turns into so much more and the danger and wonder they encounter will alter their lives.

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