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Date with a Diva (Single in South Beach #5) by Joanne Rock – Free eBooks Download


She’s so done with relationships… until her libido wakes up when hockey player Nico Cesare arrives in her life!
Lainie Reynolds, legal mastermind behind South Beach’s Club Paradise, is known for her impeccable control. Reigning over a sexy singles resort, she’s sworn off relationships after her ex betrayed her on every level. So what if they call her the ice diva? She’s in control of her life now. Until her slumbering desires awaken and it’s all hockey player Nico Cesare’s fault. Nico, with his smoldering gaze and tantalizing charm, is the newest thorn in her side, and he’s making her rethink her strict no-touch policy.
Nico is hooked from their first electric encounter, sensing a hidden fire behind Lainie’s guarded demeanor. A proposition of a steamy, no-strings-attached affair seems simple enough, but when trouble strikes at the resort, Nico seizes the chance to be her protector, igniting a scorching closeness neither anticipated.
But Lainie isn’t ready to let any attraction disrupt her orderly life. Trusting a man, especially a dangerously seductive one like Nico, means relinquishing some control. Can she risk it all for a taste of love?

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