Darling, Can We Start Over? by Monika Meena (ePUB)

darling, monika meena

Darling, Can We Start Over? by Monika Meena – Free eBooks Download


Would you count on a second chance if the person already gave you enough reasons to never trust him again?

I invite you all to the beautiful wedding of ‘Sarah Walter’. A warm-hearted wonderful girl who loves her family and believes in herself. Warning! Don’t wear your best dress as an unintentional accident will burn the place down!
Sit back and enjoy the journey of ‘Ethan Stanton’, high school football captain and now the sole heir of a vast business empire, to win Sarah’s heart which he ruthlessly broke earlier.
They say money can buy anything except love. Love is something to feel and understand. But Ethan always took it for granted… love was always a Plan B for him.

But he is a changed man now. Or is he?
The journey of his craziness, innocence, and his claim for his long-lost love. A story of realization and going beyond the limits to correct his past mistakes. He is not going to rest until she says YES. But, how to do all this in just 45 days when you are all alone and the world is against you?
What will Sarah choose?
Her first love or a new beginning?

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