Darkness Rises by M.J Byrne (ePUB)

darkness rises, mj byrne

Darkness Rises (Echoes of Fate #1) by M.J Byrne – Free eBooks Download


Fifteen years after the brutal massacre that shattered her family, Remina finds herself entangled in the enigmatic web of The Order, a covert branch of the human government. Sent to Astur, the sprawling supernatural compound, Remina is thrust into a world where shadows whisper secrets, and power lies in the hands of the Supernatural Council.

The mission: find the missing supes. The challenge: the Council members who vehemently oppose her presence. Ryatt, Hael, Reaghan, Kique, and Slade, each with their own secrets and agendas, will stop at nothing to keep The Order’s witch out of their sanctuary.
As alliances shift and the lines between love and hate blur, Remina stumbles upon a chilling prophecy. A prophecy that threatens to unravel the fragile threads of their entangled destinies and spell the end for them all. Can she defy the prophecy’s dark grip and thwart the chaos threatening to rise, or will the key to destruction be unlocked by the very darkness coursing through her veins?

In this spellbinding tale of love, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of destiny, Remina must navigate a world where trust is a fragile illusion and the price of defiance may be higher than she ever imagined. Will she be the savior they need, or the harbinger of their ultimate undoing?

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