Dark Stag’s Quest by Amelia Wilson (ePUB)

dark stag's quest, amelia wilson

Dark Stag’s Quest (Company 417 Shifters #15) by Amelia Wilson – Free eBooks Download


Ramona doesn’t mean to lose control but comforting this sexy fireman shifter comes naturally even if it’s not wise for a police detective to end up in bed with someone involved in an investigation.

“This man is a firefighter.
This man is a very attractive firefighter.
This man is about as sexy as a man can be.
More than that, there’s something in his eyes that tells me he’s more than just someone to screw. There’s something there I long desperately for.
And I think it is already established that I really need to get laid.”
It’s like I can’t help myself
He’s hot as hell.
Dylan must be the sexiest man alive.
A firefighter, too. For God’s sake, a firefighter understands what my life is like.
It’s wrong for me to want him.
His best friend just got killed.
I’m investigating the murder, for God’s sake.
But he’s a perfect man and he’s hurting and I want to comfort him.
Comfort him?
No matter how much I pretend that’s what I’m doing, the truth is I want him.
I want him and I can’t help myself.

This fireman shifter is suddenly in bed with the most beautiful girl imaginable but there are things that have to be addressed. Someone is illegally hunting at the nature preserve and his shifter best friend ended up accidentally in their sights. Can he help Ramona bring the killers to justice without revealing his secret? Is he even willing to leave justice to the authorities? Even if he can figure that out, how can he focus when he’s desperate for more time in her arms? Find out in Dark Stag’s Quest, the next sexy and exciting tale in the always romantic and steamy Company 417 Shifters Series!

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