Dark Sorceress by Clara Ann Simons (ePUB)

dark sorceress, clara ann simons

Dark Sorceress by Clara Ann Simons – Free eBooks Download


Lost in a time that’s not her own,
In a world surrounded by magic.
Frightened and unsure who to trust.
When Ana ventures into a forest to photograph a meteor shower and accidentally crosses a time portal, she finds herself in Camelot in an era before King Arthur.
However, nothing is as it seems. She must forget what little she knows about the Arthurian legends and choose her alliances wisely if she wants to stay alive.
Amid the palace intrigues for the throne, Ana finds herself caught in a terrible siege of the castle, without a clear understanding of her allies or even who she herself is. Her only option will be to trust in the loyalty of a being who doesn’t even belong to this world as she fights to survive.

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