Dark Shade by D.N. Hoxa (ePUB)

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Dark Shade (The Dark Shade #3) by D.N. Hoxa – Free eBooks Download


Something evil lives in the Dark Shade.

After five years of searching, I finally found the place I thought was my home. I found my family. I found my purpose…
But things are not what they seem in the Dark Shade. The people are happy, and the Shade is thriving, but the secrets that hide in the darkest parts of it are more twisted than anything I could ever imagine.
Alexander is gone. My memories are not completely whole yet. And even though I’m supposed to be surrounded by my people, I feel like I’m living in a den of vipers.
To find my way out of the dark, away from the lies and to the truth, I have to escape and go back to New Orleans. I have do whatever it takes to find Alexander, because no matter what my memories tell me, my instincts say he’s the only one I can trust.
The Shade is sick. It is suffering. And if we don’t find a way to put an end to its disease, the whole universe will suffer the consequences.

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