Dark Kings: The Complete Series by Nikki Rome (ePUB)

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Dark Kings: The Complete Series by Nikki Rome- Free eBooks Download


Start with Greed and find out…

If the first cut is the deepest, then I’m scarred for life.
TOXIC. As the ink ripples across Anton Tirelli’s forearm, it reminds me exactly what we are together. Never again, Maya.
And believe me, I wouldn’t be standing on his doorstep if I didn’t really, really need him. I’m a big enough girl to take care of myself, usually.
But I screwed up — again. My line of work always comes at a cost, and this time it’s going to be my freedom. Unless Anton can help.
I’d forgotten how regal he’s always looked. How wild. Those ice blue eyes and creamy skin have always betrayed exactly who he is — the son of a Bratva princess and a formidable leader of the Corsetti crime family.
I know he’s dangerous, but right now I need someone who understands danger to get me out alive.
Yet even as our denied lust engulfs our better judgement, the greed of those to whom I’ve been beholden for so long looms large — and threatens to consume us both.

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